Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome to white canary

White canary is a place for people to share their thoughts about living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. The name white canary was chosen because canaries are a sensitive bird and were used in the mines to detect harmful gases to warn the miners. The reason why I chose "white" canary is that white or albino canaries are rarer than their yellow counterparts and I thought this represented the unique and rare position that people with MCS play in today's society.

We "white canaries" are the ones who are warning the world that the environment is turning toxic. We are in a unique position of being the forewarners of how poisonous our world is becoming. If only someone would stop rolling their eyes and making circles with their fingers around their ears and would listen! We spend our time on the fringes, often having to make vast life changes with little understanding from the medical field and society.

Not only are we unique as a group, individually we are unique, no two people have the same set of sensitivities. While I go into toxic meltdown when in the presence of perfumes someone else may enjoy and be uplifted by the aroma of lavender scented soap. Similary one person my dry reach in the presence of cigarette smoke another MCS'er may be able to smoke 20 cigarettes a day! No wonder we confuse the medicos!

One of the things that helps me most with the arduous journey of having MCS etc has been my Christian faith. Sadly I am unable to attend church as I cannot be in an environment with perfumed people. My church is the Australia Christian channel, the internet and my friends and family. I pray that soon a cure will be found and that each person with MCS will be made healthy and whole.

I would love to hear of other peoples journeys with MCS. I am interested in finding out things that have worked for you to help with the condition.

Blessings to all
White Canary

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